How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Because it is the most realistic way to earn decent money from home while leveraging skills you currently have or by learning ones that may be attainable. This article will help you through how to become a virtual assistant, where to find your first clients, and how to scale your business to make money on the side or operate full-time as a VA.

What is a Virtual Assistant and What Do They Do?

Virtual assistants, or VAs, are self-employed individuals who provide technical and administrative aid to businesses. Since all of the work is completed online, virtual assistants can operate from anywhere they want.

Many small business owners outsource work to virtual assistants so that they can concentrate on their company’s growth. Virtual assistants give cost-effective solutions to completing daily and routine tasks, freeing up business owners’ time to get larger-scale jobs.

You do not require any sort of degree or certification to start working as a VA.. You simply must hone in on skill and have sufficient expertise to do it well for numerous clients.

  • How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Like every occupation, the cover for virtual help varies. It can depend on a number of factors including:

Form of work done
Experience degree
Hours worked per week
As you grow your skills and client base, you can increase your prices and overall pay.

7 Virtual Assistant Services in High Demand

The potential tasks for a VA are limitless. As a virtual assistant, you get to decide which tasks you provide. So if there’s something you truly don’t enjoy doing (like proofreading blog posts), you do not have to provide it as part of your VA bundle.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant
How to Become a Virtual Assistant

This list covers some of the most popular and in-demand online jobs that virtual assistants can offer, but it just scratches the surface. When determining what services to provide as a VA, be imaginative. Think about ways to use your unique abilities and experiences to give value for your clientele.

  • How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Expertise

If you are ready to start your own VA business, below are a few steps that you follow along. Don’t forget to download our free checklist to keep track of your progress along the way.

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1. Have a virtual assistant training course

Starting a business can feel overwhelming. Lucky for you, you are not alone.

In regards to learning how to become a virtual assistant, Kayla Sloan is an expert. She began her VA business in 2014, and in a little more than a year, was making over $10,000 per month.

After she realized how large the demand for virtual assistants is and how lucrative it could be, she put together a course to assist others follow in her footsteps. Kayla teaches aspiring virtual assistants how to begin their own VA business and property their first paying customers inside her best-selling class 10K VA.

You do not have to take a course in order to become a successful digital assistant. However. If you are looking to expedite your VA business, learning from an expert can save you time and help you reach your goals faster.

2. Determine what services you’ll offer

The first step in getting started as a Virtual Assistant will be to ascertain what tasks you’ll offer. If you’re not sure, begin with building a list of those things you already know how to do.

If so, blog/website management might go on the listing. Are you currently an online influencer? Then perhaps social media management is a good match for your digital assistant repertoire. Are you quick with designing spreadsheets? Provide data entry or recorder direction as a service.

Remember this isn’t your final listing. It’s just your first offerings.

3. Set your prices

Deciding how much to charge for your services is probably the most difficult part of establishing your VA business. You would like to be fair and competitive, but you also want to be certain that you’re making a profit.

Most virtual assistant offerings fall into four Major pricing categories:

Hourly: Your client pays an hourly fee and you also get paid for the period of time you operate.

Project-Based: Your client pays a flat fee to get a one-time project (setting up social media accounts, designing a site, etc.).

Bundle of Hours: Your client pays for a particular number of hours to utilize over time. Based upon your contract, they could expire after a set amount of time such as 6 months or annually.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?
How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

Retainer: Your client pays an ongoing monthly rate for a specific set of activities or number of hours.

Examine a few of their websites, ask questions in Facebook classes, and execute a quick Google search. Average those rates, and you’re going to have a good place to start.

Consider your ability and experience level when setting your prices. As an example, if you’ve been blogging for ten decades but are new for a VA, you’re still able to charge a higher rate for this service. On the flip side, if you’ve never designed a Pinterest image before, you may want to begin on the bottom of the pay scale for this service.

4. Figure out a business name

Every company needs a name, and that includes your VA business. While it does not have to be super creative or clever, you would like it to be memorable, easy to spell, and you also want to make sure it matches with the brand you are creating.

When choosing a title, it can help to do some research. Do a quick Google search to learn what other VAs have called their companies. Request your family and friends or your professional community what they think of this name.

Find out if the one you picked is in use or has been trademarked. Say it out loud to hear how it sounds. If you are stuck, you can use resources such as the Shopify Business Title Generator to help.

You also should make sure the domain name for your business is accessible. That is exactly what you’ll use when you are establishing your website, and the name of your company should fit the URL you use to direct prospective clients. If they’re completely different, you face the chance of confusing your clients or accidentally referring them into the competition.

Most of all, you have to be pleased with the name.

5. Choose your target market and the Sort of clients you’d like to utilize

Once you’ve decided the services that you’re offering, you need to find out the kinds of clients you would like to possess. Are they small business owners? Lawyers? Blog or website managers?

No matter your target client is, give them a face. Create your perfect client avatar.

Ask yourself if the job they do is interesting or whether it is an industry you’re familiar with. You also need to write down how you can assist them, and the reason why they should pick you over another VA.. This step is essential since it will allow you to create your marketing plan in the future.

6. Work out the legal business particulars

This is most likely the hardest step in making your VA business since it involves navigating a great deal of legal language and governmental agencies. Unfortunately, however, since these form the foundation of your company, you can not skip over this part.

A few things you’ll need to do:

Decide if you are going to function as a Sole Proprietor or LLC
Safe any licenses or licenses
Publish your client contract
For this component of establishing a VA business, you might want to consult an attorney or accountant to double-check exactly what you’ve done.

7. Produce your website to promote your VA business

While creating a website is not a requirement for landing your initial client or beginning your own VA business, having a website will make you look more professional and established. And it will provide you somewhere to direct potential customers.

Establishing a website is simple and affordable, and you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

8. Get your business finances on the Ideal track

Your clients require a way to cover you, and you need a way to track your earnings and expenses.

While you can do this in the beginning with a very simple spreadsheet and a PayPal account, as your business expands and you gain more customers, you will want more robust services like FreshBooks or Quicken. You should also consider opening a bank account and securing a credit card for business expenses.

Getting arranged with your cash in the start will make everything much easier in the long run and at tax time.

9. Create your marketing strategy

Now that your company is ready to go, it is time to begin marketing yourself. When many folks struggle with advertising themselves, this is the best and most effective method to find customers.

Fortunately, there are ways you can create a marketing plan that really doesn’t feel too uncomfortable or over the top. As an example, in the event that you already have social media accounts, you may use those to share your services or announce to your friends, family, and professional community which you have started your own business.

If you want to separate your personal life from business life, you can create social media accounts to your VA providers and advertise there instead.

If you already have a website or site and have curated an email list from that, share your new project with your list. All these are already individuals who support and follow you, so you can ask them to let their network know about your VA services.

You might also use Facebook ads or blog posts to advertise to online business owners. Flyers and business cards are fantastic for advertising with prospective offline and local customers.

10. Network

Now’s the opportunity to join with other VAs to get tips, ideas, and leads for locating customers, and feedback on your new business.

Networking is easier than you think. It’s possible to connect with other VAs in online forums on Facebook, Linked In, or paid membership sites provided by experienced VAs. Online conferences and summits are just another cost-effective methods to network with potential customers.

Utilizing the web for media means you can do it from your couch, and it can expose you to individuals from all over the world, which makes your potential customer base global.

In-person networking events are a fantastic and effortless way to get in touch with local small business owners. You can even attend meetings in your chamber of commerce or any other organization that connects neighborhood business owners.

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