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Best Gun Solvent Cleaning Reviews

Keeping your guns clean is one of the secrets to ensuring they look great and remain in working order for a great deal longer. You don’t want to do so wrong and run the risk of destroying your firearms instead of protecting them.Among the most crucial products you need to purchase is really a cleaning solvent for your firearms. This can be a liquid that functions to clean your firearm thanks to the strong ingredients in it. The truth is that picking the best gun cleaning solvent can be a tricky undertaking. There are several different sorts available on the market right now that you need to know about. Though a few do a terrific job, others will leave you disappointed. So just how do you choose the ideal solvent to look after your firearms?

Let’s begin by considering the reason why this thing is so important to start with. Why is it cleaning a gun is so crucial in the first location? The simple fact is that firearms can become extremely dirty no matter if you use them a lot or not.

If you only rub down your gun it might seem nice. But the dilemma is that may still be dirty or possess harmful elements indoors. A fantastic cleaning solvent can allow you to make it really clean without too much effort.

This item is ideal for eliminating a variety of the substances that may lead to damage to your gun as time passes. Since each brand uses a different formulation, you should check to make sure what materials they say that they can wash off the firearms.

All of this means that you can wash your firearms more completely without it becoming a big hassle. Simply by having a regular cleaning regimen and using good-quality products you can keep your gun clean and ready to use.

What Should You Be Searching for?

Once you’ve decided to look for a gun cleaning solvent, then you need to understand what it is you are looking for inside. It certainly is not just a matter of deciding upon any old product which you come across online.

Obviously, the first point to look at is what type of guns it can be used on. Most of these products are exceptionally versatile and may be used on a wide variety of firearms as well as on other objects that require cleaning. You just have to use the solvent with a boresnake or cleansing patches and a cleaning rod for the best results.

Just like any sort of purchase, you’ll want to look at the purchase price and the quantity. Do you have to wash a lot of firearms? Do you desire a high quality solvent that leaves them looking fantastic or are you really not so bothered about the overall quality since you use inexpensive or older guns?

Apart from that, the following list covers a few of the qualities to watch out for.

How to Choose Best Gun Cleaning Solvent ?

As we’ll see, there are a number of different solving cleaners for guns available just now. How are you going to know which one to choose for your firearms? If you aren’t an experienced gun owner then you may not have heard of some of the brands before.

The truth is that at first sight these products all seem pretty much the same as one another. You may be tempted to have a stab at the dark by simply picking one that looks good or has a wonderful title that appeals to you.

Yet, by taking a good look at some of the key features it’s simpler to work out which product you need to be most interested in receiving.

Is this just a cleanup solution? Or does this protect and lubricate the rifle as well? CLP solvents are multipurpose products which save you from using a purchase different solvents and oils for every single task. Some people prefer the multi-purpose approach while others are happier obtaining a solvent that does nothing but wash their guns. Most people only want to receive our guns cleaned as fast as possible. No-one wants to hang around for ages awaiting the dirt and other gunk to come loose. This is the reason why the fastest behaving solvents are normally quite popular today. But if it is very fast-acting then it may be more abrasive and toxic. Maybe you would be more comfy sacrificing some of the speed to get a smoother, less toxic substance.

Just how powerful it is. Do you want to clean old and really dirty guns? Or is it simply a matter of keeping a brand new gun looking good and functioning well? The amount you use it and also the way it’s saved will go a long way towards determining just how successful you need your cleaner to be.

What stuff it May Be Used on. There are some multi-purpose solvents which may be employed on an wide range of solvents. Others are a lot more limited in relation to what they can be employed on without causing any damage. Be sure to check which kind of surface you need to clean and then learn which cleaner can do it for you.

The cost. Maintaining a gun in good condition isn’t a particularly expensive task. However, some cleaning solvents are more expensive than others. Work out which ones fit in with your budget before you begin. You will also want to think about how many times you will need to purchase this product in the future.

In addition to the testimonials here, you’ll find that we often discuss these products on gun forums. Everybody has an opinion on which brand is best, and it may be worth taking a look at what others have got to say about them. Or do you have a friend who constantly keeps their gun in great state? If so, it might be worth asking them exactly what they use to clean it with.

The smell. Many people dislike the odor of vacuum cleaner while some like it. To be fair, not all of them produce the same odor, with some a lot more powerful than many others. Should you keep your firearm near your bed or in a small apartment then this may be an especially important point to keep in mind.

Best 10 Gun Cleaning Solvent Review

In order to assess which is best, we have looked at lots of the most popular cleaning solvents for guns around. Which of these could be right for you? There are a variety of factors to take into account in each one of them.

1. Sweets 7.62 Best Gun Lube

Sweet’s 7.62 Solvent is a item that has been widely utilized in Australia for many years and is now more readily available elsewhere also.

The potency of this solvent means that some people today suggest only using it in most extreme cases, such as when you are restoring older rifles that are particularly filthy. Yet, other gun-owners are pleased to use it all time on their own firearms. If you’re interested in finding one of the most powerful gun solvents on the industry then this option you’ll wish to consider.

You certainly need to be quite careful when using this strong gun cleaning product. It is encouraged that you don’t ever leave it in the bore for over 15 minutes per moment, which is mentioned on the jar and should be more than long enough to get it really clean.

This is an ammonia-based product along with the bottle comes with 200ml. Overall, it’s a great choice for a speedy and powerful clean. But, there’s a possibility it can be just too strong for some people’s needs.

2. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Solvent and Oil

This is possibly the most widely used and trusted gun solvent around. But is it the best gun cleaning solvent for your needs?

It’s an extremely efficient barrel cleaner that penetrates quickly and quite efficiently to clear a range of unwanted substances. The product comes in a selection of different sized bottles and they each possess a child-proof limit on them to provide you additional reassurance.

best gun cleaner and oil
Hoppe’s gun oil review

Despite this having such a long history — soldier Frank August Hoppe discovered the combination of substances it contains back in 1903 — it is also described as being ideal for contemporary firearms. This solvent does not smell as strong and is not as poisonous as some others but it’s certainly powerful enough to do the job you want it to perform.

There are plenty of testimonials and comments on this cleaner on the internet, therefore it should not be too tough to find out more about it if you are uncertain if it suits you or not. It is obviously a favourite choice of several gun-owners and something that you’re not likely to fail with.


  • Tremendous reputation that has been built up over Quite a While
  • Powerful cleaning action comes in a variety of different sizes


  • You may want something much stronger for certain tough jobs

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Venom Gun Cleaner Lubricant

This is a relatively new formula from Hoppe’s which is designed to let you clean your firearms more quickly. Venom Gun Cleaner comes at a tiny 4ox bottle and is said to be completely tested for cleaning firearms that are especially dirty.

best gun cleaner lubricant
best gun cleaning solvent

It’s supposedly more powerful and quicker acting their conventional formula, which is one of the most well-known solvents available today. Some people prefer the first and others prefer this newer version, however. It doesn’t have as unpleasant a odor as Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner but it does a similarly good job in less time.

According to the specifications, this product uses a special T3 additive. It is said to contain liquid molybdenum and liquid PTFE. Apparently, it is equally non-toxic and also biodegradable, which can be very good news. Overall, if you like the Hoppe’s brand and want a cleaning liquid for particularly stubborn jobs then this may be a smart choice of gun cleaner.


  • A highly trusted brand
  • Works to wash out guns very quickly
  • Outstanding for those really tough cleaning tasks that other solvents can not handle


  • Not as widely known as the brand’s other products

4. Steel Shield Weapon Shield Solvent gun oil review

This is an intriguing option, because it’s reputed to help enhance lubrication in addition to keep the gun clean and protected against rust. There is also a different Steel Shield Weapon Shield lubricant product that is intended to help reduce the wear that may eventually harm any firearm.

This solvent is promoted as being both nontoxic and non-mutagenic, which will be fantastic to hear. By using this cleaner, you also help to reduce wear and friction on the gun, which may help it to stay functional for longer.

It is possible to wash out carbon and other awkward kinds of dirt using this product. But should you have to wash aluminum out in the firearm then you might have to use something more powerful than this to get it done with.


  • Helps to lubricate the gun as well as clean it
  • Protects against rust
  • Non-toxic and non-mutagenic


  • Doesn’t work so well in cleaning out copper.

5. BreakFree CLP Gun Cleans Lubricates Best gun cleaning solvent

Another solid alternative for keeping firearms clean is your BreakFree CLP product. This comes from an organization which has a great range of products for cleaning, cleaning, and lubricating firearms.

All of this means that it is a simpler option than purchasing several distinct products to perform these tasks for you. Having Said This, some severe gun enthusiasts prefer to Find Another product to carry out all the jobs that this CLP does for you.

best gun cleaning solvent
best gun oil

It’s also worth noting it is said to work well under elevated pressures and extreme temperatures. This is likely to be of interest to a gun-owners over others, of course. Not everyone really has to bother too much about this stage however, others may consider it the Best Gun Lube because of this fact.

It is safe to say that some people today prefer multi-use cleaners like this while others are happier with an assortment of different products which work nicely together. It actually comes down to personal taste and finding a strategy that works well for you.


  • A multipurpose gun cleaning solvent which makes life easier for you.
  • Works nicely even when the firearm is subjected to intense pressure and intense temperatures
  • An Affordable Way to look after a gun nicely


  • Many not be quite as effective as solvents that are designed purely to wash firearms.
  • Classed as army grade bore solvent, this product comes in 16 fluid oz bottles.

G-96 Brand Military Grade Gun Cleaner and Lube

While it is safe to use it on metals, you are going to want to be cautious about touching different materials such as paint or plastic with G-96 Brand Military Grade Bore Solvent. The name comes from the fact that they say it’s been approved by the US Army as of 2017.

best synthetic gun oil
best gun cleaner and oil

The G-96 brand has existed for a long time and provides both retail goods and military-grade products. This distinct clean comes as a package of two, meaning that you will find a good deal of use from it. It’s an alkaline-free merchandise but the jar does warn that it is dangerous, saying both”toxin” and”corrosive”.


  • Military-grade rating implies that you can expect it to withstand extreme states.
  • Cleans out an excellent variety of different materials
  • Comes in a pack of two big bottles

Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Best gun cleaner and lube

As well as cleaning deeply, it also lowers friction degrees and leaves behind a slick, waterproof film. Additionally, it gives a microscopic layer of protection that protects against corrosion and rust.

The manufacturer says this CLP is frequently used to safeguard firearms before that are shipped out. This is another company that’s been around long enough to have built up a good reputation through recent years.

This solvent penetrates deep into rusted parts, meaning that you get a clean firearm in very little time. Additionally it is marketed as being quite useful shop and basic home use too.


  • Carries out the cleaning, lubricating, and protecting tasks
  • Lowers the friction levels on the gun
  • Protective film is left behind when utilized


  • Not everybody is keen on the protective film that it leaves behind after cleaning

8. Lucas Oil 10006 Gun oil review

It is also described as being excellent for long term storage purposes, for use with fishing lines, and as an overall household oil.

The company states this is an oil that’s intended to prevent high caliber rifle and big machine guns from jamming and over-heating. It is made to withstand the high gas temperatures of those firearms.

The versatility of this gun oil is among its biggest advantages. You can use it on a wide array of objects if you want to. Regardless of the bottle being fairly small, the simple fact that so little is required for each job usually means that is should go to last a long time.


  • Highly versatile Kind of gun oil
  • Can be useful when a firearm is being put into long term storage
  • Particularly powerful for bigger guns and rifles


  • Some complaints concerning the dropper being too Large and the oil leaking

9. F W Klever GmbH Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner

With this particular biodegradable gun cleaner, you can keep your firearm looking fantastic without damaging the environment. It protects and lubricates guns as well as cleaning them. In addition to metal, in addition, it protects and preserves other materials such as plastics, wood, and leather.

gun oil lubrication reviews
best gun lube for pistols

This multi-purpose product is slightly acidic. The cause of this is that it may therefore neutralize the impact that skin sweat and oil can have on your gun. It is worth recalling that just like many other strong gun solvents it has a nasty odor that takes some getting used to.

It is said that the Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol was initially created as the petition of the German Army. As well as forming a protective film over the alloy, it also penetrates into the smallest space where rust and dirt may be hiding.


  • Kinder to the environment compared to many other gun cleaning products
  • Forms a protective film that protects the gun after it has been washed
  • Very good at penetrating into the tiniest spaces


  • The very strong smell can be off-putting when you are using it.

10. First Gun Oil & Gun cleaner lubricant

This is a great choice if you want a straightforward yet effective cleaning agent for your firearms. First Gun Oil promises a profound, penetrating clean without damaging your rifle with excessively harsh chemicals.It’s designed to keep firearms free of corrosion and rust. This operates by producing a protective yer on the gun that ensures moisture, salt, and humidity are kept at bay.

The oil is non-toxic and non-scented, so that you can use it at home without any fears. Is not quite as strong as some of the additional cleaning solvents for firearms that are around now.

best gun cleaner lubricant
best gun cleaning solvent and oil REVIEW

Our Closing Thoughts
The cleaning solvent that you use may seem to be a relatively minor matter. However, if you wish to choose wisely and look after your firearms well then the option of merchandise which you make is pretty significant.

All the brands that we have looked at here are well thought of. Therefore, it merely a case of deciding on the one that looks best to you and giving it a go. If you prefer what it will then you will have got a favorite new product.

Lots of gun-owners only ever purchase 1 type of gun cleaning option and would not think of purchasing any other. In other situations, they may work out their own routine that uses more than 1 kind of solvent for the best possible finish.

It is well worth taking a few minutes to work out which of these products to get. After that, you may simply love watching it in action and find a gun which looks brand new each single time that you use it.

Can I want to use a gun cleaning solvent?

It isn’t strictly crucial to utilize this kind of cleaning product. But, it does make cleaning your firearm a far quicker and easier job. If you have never previously used something similar to this then you may be amazed by how much gunk it cleans out in just a couple of minutes.

How can I use this solvent?

The normal way of using gun cleaning solvent is to wet a cleanup patch with the liquid. Using a rod, you push it all of the way through the barrel. Even though this is the most common approach, it’s a good idea to always read the instructions on any powerful cleaning product that you purchase.

These are strong products that contain powerful chemicals. Thus, you are going to wish to be extremely careful about how you use them. Provided that you follow the instructions then everything should be fine

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