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Free Refrigerator Program For Low-income Families 2022.

Nowadays, refrigerators are an essential need of humans. And we always get excited when we hear or read the word “free”. So, what if I say that you can get a free refrigerator? Yes! You heard it right, a refrigerator free of cost. Various organizations and agencies run the free refrigerator program to help and support low-income families. We discussed such a free refrigerator program here.

Many low-income families direly need a refrigerator but because they can’t afford they won’t get it. Organizations that run a free fridge program can provide you with a refrigerator free of cost. Even, the refrigerator they provide consumes less energy compared to other refrigerators. Here, in this article, we will give answers to every question you want to ask related to free refrigerator programs.

04 Organizations That Run Free Refrigerator Programs.

As we already discussed above, various organizations and agencies are there which run free fridge programs. These programs are run to help and support low-income families. If you want to get a refrigerator for free of cost then you can contact these organizations and agencies. So, let’s discuss such organizations that run free refrigerator programs.

free refrigerator
free refrigerator program
  • LADWP.

LADWP’s refrigerator exchange program provides a refrigerator free of cost to low-income families. The refrigerator they provide is energy-saving which simply means ENERGY STAR-rated free refrigerators. They will exchange their brand new refrigerator with your eligible old model fridge.

The refrigerator they provide is a 15 or 18 cubic foot model that is more efficient and also, cost-saving compared to the older one you might be using. However, they have some criteria that you have to clear to get a refrigerator free of cost. So, let’s discuss the criteria which are made by the authorities of LADWP’s organization.

So, to exchange your refrigerator with brand new refrigerators you have to qualify first. And here are the criteria that an applicant should fulfill.

  • The applicant does not have any past participation in any program.
  • You must be an LADWP electric customer and the applicant must be a member of a group provided by their agencies while filling out the form.

Now, some requirements organizations need for the refrigerator to be qualified for the exchange process. So, here are the requirements they asked for.

  • Firstly, applicants must have a refrigerator that completely falls in the LAdwp service territory.
  • The refrigerator should be owned by a property owner, a tenant, or an organization.
  • The applicant who is applying for the exchange of refrigerators must have used the refrigerator for 10 years at the time of applying.
  • The fridge must be in working condition at the time of exchange.
  • And the minimum area refrigerator covers is 14 cubic feet.
  • The refrigerator must have been used as the primary, not as the storage.
  • It should be perfectly plugged into an outlet that is properly grounded.

So, if you and your old refrigerator completely fall in these criteria that you are eligible for the program. And yes, you can get an energy star-rated refrigerator free of cost. If you are not eligible for the program then don’t worry we have more organizations where you can apply for a free refrigerator.


LIHEAP stands for low-income home energy assistance program. They run a free refrigerator program to help and support low-income needy families. LIHEAP is funded by the federal government that is made to help and support low-income needy families. The families they support are forced to give a big portion of their income to the energy companies.

Usually, they provide financial assistance to low-income families to purchase energy-efficient gadgets. These energy-efficient gadgets help them to save up on their energy bills. They also provide refrigerators for free through their free refrigerator programs instead of finances. Free refrigerators are provided to those families who can’t afford them.

As this free refrigerator program is federally funded, one can claim their services from any state, county, city, town of the united states of America. However, it can be possible that after being eligible you can’t get their services due to the lack of resources. But, don’t worry! They will recommend other organizations that will help and support you.

Else, you have a second option to wait, or also, you can go for other ways to get a free refrigerator. Before applying to this organization, do visit their official website or local office. Get proper knowledge about them. Check your eligibility. And when you find yourself eligible then apply for this free refrigerator program.

  • WAP.

WAP stands for the weatherization assistance program. WAP is run by the federal government. It runs a free refrigerator program which is known as a weatherization assistance program. They provide refrigerators to help and support low-income needy families. WAP works to decrease the risk to the environment and encourage the use of energy-efficient gadgets.

Low-income families who can’t afford to buy such energy-efficient appliances can get a refrigerator free of cost which is an energy star-rated gadget. Also, they provide finances to low-income families and in some cases the appliance itself. They roughly provide $8,000 which completely depends on the family’s income and the condition of the house they are living in.

Low-income families who have residents with a disabled member, elders, kids, and a member with special needs are eligible for the free refrigerator program. Families or individuals who come below the 200% poverty line are also eligible for the free fridge program. They are available in all parts of the United States of America. By visiting their local office you can apply.

  • Energy Star Rebate Program.

Energy Star Rebate Program is another federal government assistance program. They provide refrigerators free of cost through their free refrigerator program. As We all know that getting energy-efficient gadgets can make our life easy. And also, it is very helpful for our pockets as it is an energy star-rated free refrigerator which saves on electricity bills.

To get a free refrigerators through their free refrigerator program, you have to visit their official website or their local office. By visiting, you will get all the information you need. Check yourgrants eligibility before applying for it. And if you found yourself eligible for that then apply.

Remember, do apply with the proper documents they asked for. Because a complete application has more chances to get selected for a free refrigerator than an incomplete one. In case, you don’t have any documents they asked then try to make them first and then apply.


Nowadays, Refrigerators are getting expensive day by day. Being a member of a low-income family you know that it is almost impossible to get a refrigerator. But now you don’t have to worry about it. Because in this article we have discussed free refrigerator programs that will provide you with a refrigerator free of cost. Thanks for reading.

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