How to get paid to drive

How to Get Paid to Drive Car

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to drive? Working for shipping or rideshare businesses is a favorite way to make money. These programs provide drivers the freedom to work when and where they desire, as long as they have a vehicle and a smartphone.

While platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and Grubhub are the most well-known, there are lots of other services which can pay you to enter your car. Some of them even pay better than renowned retailers.

When thinking about the best way to get paid to drive, then contemplate your character. If you enjoy interacting with people, then a ridesharing agency could be the way to go. Those who prefer to operate on their own might be much better suited to food or grocery delivery.

Another huge aspect to consider is which platforms are available in your area. While most businesses and their apps within this listing operate nationwide, some can not have a large presence if you live in a small town or rural site. The fantastic news is that nothing is stopping you from signing up to multiple platforms to see which ones would be the best fit.

Ways to Get Paid to Drive

We’ve split the platforms on this list into these categories: food delivery, grocery delivery, package delivery, alcohol delivery, ridesharing programs, and task apps. We have also included two related services we believe will interest people with automobiles seeking to earn some extra cash: automobile advertisements and car rental apps.

1. Get Paid to Deliver Food

Food delivery drivers accept orders from restaurants to customers. These services are common and can be found in most metropolitan regions.

The significant advantage of this type of platform is the flexibility to operate when and where you want. They’re also typically simple to register to, even if you don’t have delivery expertise, and they often pay on a daily or weekly basis.

Ways to get paid to drive
Ways to get paid to drive
  • DoorDash

Drivers use the program to view and take jobs. Each task involves taking the food in the restaurant to the customer. Once signed up, you are able to get work straight away.

How Much Does DoorDash Pay? Just how much you make with DoorDash varies. Purchase every delivery takes into consideration the estimated space, time, and also exactly what the company calls the”desirability” of this order. The fantastic news is that you are able to see just how much an order pays before you accept it, and motorists receive 100% of customer tips. Indeed shows drivers earn an average of $15.57 per hour working for DoorDash, however, a few people have been able to make up to $25 per hour.

  • Postmates

Working for Postmates: Postmates drivers deliver food, supermarkets, alcohol, or other items to customers. Drivers work their own schedules and pick up tasks through the program. Once you have earned cash, you are able to cash out whenever you desire. This makes Postmates a useful way to cover unexpected costs.

How Much Does Postmates Pay? The amount you earn varies depending on the specifics of the delivery and the location. You get a fee for each pick-up and drop-off, a per-minute rate for time spent at a collection venue, and a per-mile rate for the distance between delivery and pick-up locations. You also keep all of your tips.

Postmates has payment ensures which guarantee drivers get over a minimum amount if they reach certain criteria. The precise amount depends on the employee’s location. For example, drivers that finish 100 deliveries in 14 times in San Francisco are ensured $700.

  • Uber Eats

Working for Uber Eats: Uber Eats drivers deliver food from restaurants and takeaways (or to-go) to clients. Drivers work when they want and for as long as they need. As soon as you complete work, you can cash out immediately. To drive Uber Eats, you have to have one or more years of driving experience, a car manufactured in the previous 20 decades, a permit, registration, and proper insurance.

How Much Does Uber Eats Purchase? Uber Eats’ payment structure takes into account the time and distance of this job, a trip nutritional supplement, and promotions during active times. You keep 100 percent of the tips. Glassdoor says drivers receive a normal base pay of $11 per hour.

  • Grubhub

Drivers can operate when and for how long they need, but they need to choose hours in advance. Reports from past employees on Really suggest that when you initially register, just a few shifts can be found, but this will change as you complete jobs successfully. With Grubhub, you are able to get paid once you have money in your account. Anyone with a vehicle, license, and insurance can sign up to the stage — although you must be 19.

How Much Can Grubhub Pay? Your GrubHub rate takes into account the total miles you cover, including both delivery and pick-up, as well as the total time spent on a job. You also get to keep all your tips. The exact rates you get will be based on the market you operate in. Drivers make an average of $ $12.56 per hour, according to Indeed.

2. Get Paid to Deliver Groceries

Grocery delivery is similar to food shipping so you simply pick up orders and take them to customers. The main difference is the product you are delivering. The potential for heavy orders usually means some of these services require workers who will lift a specified amount.

  • Instacart

Drivers pick up orders from stores and also take them to customers. You must be 18 to work for the service and also have a vehicle and a smartphone, and you need to be able to lift 50lbs with no assistance. Like other providers on this list, you are able to choose where and when you work.

How Much Does Instacart Pay? Your cover will depend on the number of items from the sequence, the items themselves, along with the distance you have to travel. You also receive 100 percent of advice. In accordance with Glassdoor, the average hourly rate for a full-service shopper on Instacart is $11.

  • Shipt

Working for Shipt: Shipt is a subscription delivery platform. Drivers shop for customers and take the items to their homes. The main requirements are a car manufactured after 1997, a license and insurance, and the ability to lift 40lbs. It is possible to work at any time between 8 pm and 10 p.m.

How Much Can Shipt Pay? Shipt pays based on the length of time it will take to finish an order. You can see an estimate of the time a task will take before you opt to take it. You also keep 100% of your tips. Shift says drivers can earn involving $16 and $22.

3. Get Paid to Deliver Packages

Delivering bundles has a lot in common with food and grocery delivery services. You will want to pick up parcels and then take them into a destination. Some delivery services have choices for long-haul delivery, although the majority of the job is brief excursions.

  • AmazonFlex

Working for AmazonFlex: AmazonFlex drivers send bundles for Amazon. You have flexibility about where and when you work, and you select your hours by reserving out blocks of time. You can do that up to a week beforehand, and it is a helpful means to plan your time and your own earnings.

How to get paid to drive
How to get paid to drive

The downside is that the service is currently only accessible to approximately 50 U.S. cities. Additionally, recruiting is typically less open than a number of the other options on this list, so even when AmazonFlex works in the town, there may be no chances whenever you’re looking for work. You are able to observe the cities now recruiting here.

How Much Does AmazonFlex Pay? Amazon states that many drivers earn between $18 and $25 an hour. This will be dependent on your location, how fast you are, and if you receive any tips.

  • Roadie

Once you enroll, you will notice a list of orders to choose from, which includes package information, pickup and delivery information, approximate delivery times, and extra information. It’s also possible to bunch deliveries to make more income in less time. You have control over which deliveries you decide to accept.

How Much Does Roadie Pay? It is possible to observe the specific amount each excursion pays along with an estimate of the time it will take before you accept it. Long-haul deliveries pay more and can be a superb way to earn if you were planning to have a long trip anyway.

  • Favor

The website even calls its employees”private assistants,” rather than delivery drivers. You can even have a full-time schedule.

Drivers must be 18 and also have reliable transport. It’s likely to begin making the day you apply. The one major drawback of Favor for most people is that the organization (and program ) only operate in cities in Texas.

How Much Does Favor Pay? Favor says its drivers get between $10 and $18 each hour. All hours scheduled via the platform possess a minimum rate, and you get 100 percent of your tips.

4. Get Paid to Drive People Around

Ridesharing apps operate in many cities and countries, making them a fantastic way to earn money if some of those other methods are not available in your town. Lyft and Uber would be the two most well-known platforms, however, there are different options.

  • Lyft

Working for Lyft: Applying to push for Lyft entails scanning some documents, getting a background test, and passing a car inspection. If approved, you are going to use the app to pick up people who need a ride and take them to their destination. It’s possible to accept jobs and make money to suit your own schedule. If you don’t have a vehicle, it’s possible to rent one through the Express Drive Program.

How Much Does Lyft Pay? Lyft pays a fee based on the length of time a ride takes along with space. In addition, you keep 100 percent of any tips you get. During times of increased need, Lyft might increase its prices to encourage drivers to do the job. Lyft also provides added insurance protection at no cost. Glassdoor indicates that Lyft drivers make around $16 per hour on average.

  • Uber

Working for Uber: Obtaining signed for Uber is straightforward if you have an eligible vehicle and enough driving experience (annually if more than 23, three years if under 23). Once signed up, log in to the app to begin accepting rides.

How Much Does Uber Pay? Just how much you make with Uber will depend on how long travel takes and how much you drive. The service pays extra during times of high demand, and you also get to keep all your tips. You may have the ability to win bonuses for completing a certain number of trips in a particular time frame or simply by driving at specific times. According to Glassdoor, Uber drivers earn around $16 an hour Normally.

  • Wingz

The service is a great selection for preorganized events like airport trips or meetings, while drivers gain from knowing beforehand when and for how long they will work. In addition, it means drivers can build relationships with customers to acquire repeat work.

How Much Does Wingz Pay? Wingz doesn’t advertise how much drivers get paid. It’s currently more compact than the above services, and there is not much public information available. Some sources indicate the pay per ride is rather high, even though most excursions are just one way, which eats into earnings. You’re also restricted because you can only work when individuals choose your ceremony — including Uber and Lyft, in which all jobs are open to all drivers.

  • HopSkipDrive

The ceremony is strict about who they choose on — you’ll need five decades of caregiving experience, a fantastic driving record, a car manufactured in the last ten years, and a multi-agency background check. Once set up, you can begin to set your own schedule. The drawback is that the service is now available in only a limited number of areas.

How Much Can HopSkipDrive Pay? Indeedputs the average hourly rate in a slightly lower — yet still decent — $25.23. Drivers get paid on a weekly basis, and it is likely to view estimated earnings from within the program.

5. Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

Individuals who push inactive areas are possibly seen hundreds or thousands of times every day. This makes their cars great areas to place advertisements. If you push a lot and you’re eager to place branded stickers on your vehicle, then advertising on your car can be a terrific way to earn passive income. It’s also a fantastic way for delivery or rideshare motorists to make extra cash while on the job.

  • Carvertise

Working for Carvertise: Carvertise matches high mileage drivers with advertisers. Just send information about where and how you generally drive, and the company will contact you when they have clients who want to advertise on your vehicle. Most customers require you to drive at 30 miles daily, possess a car made in 2008 or after, and have a clean record. Should you agree to an advertising offer, Carvertise will wrap your car and you’ll get paid every month. At the end of the effort, Carvertsie removes the wrap for you. Now, you may be matched with a new customer.

How Much Does Carvertise Pay? The amount you earn will be based on the campaign and will take into account variables like where you’re based and how long the campaign runs. You get paid monthly.

  • Wrapify

Working for Wrapify: Wrapify matches advertisers with car owners who are pleased to wrap their vehicles in exchange for a monthly fee. If you are selected to get a campaign, turn to the Wrapify program at the same time you drive, and the corporation will pay you depending on how many qualifying miles you drive. Your car must be a 2010 version or newer, it must have minimum paint or bodily harm, and you must meet the background check requirements.

How Much Can Wrapify Pay? The exact amount you get will depend on how long you push each day in zones covered by the campaign, in addition to the times of day you push, and the number of people on the street.

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