places that help pay rent near me

Places that Help with Rent Near me in Emergency.

Here, some churches help with housing for the needy and low-income families. The services of the places that help are clothes distribution, paying utility bills, home rent, and food distribution in an emergency. Even some churches that help with housing can also provide medical facilities to homeless people. Anyone can get help and support from such places that help with rent near me to pay their rent. Additionally, meals, Christmas toys, and various other things are provided to needy people who can’t afford them at the time of the Christmas festival. In this article, information is provided about the places that help with rent near me.

Nowadays, there are a lot of low-income and needy families that are not able to meet their needs. And for some people, paying rent on time and other expenses is difficult due to financial problems. In such a devastating situation, the needy one can look for places to help with rent near me. Just visit the local place that is nearest to your home and check the services they provide because services may vary based on their resources and location. But helping with clothes, food, and rent are the basic and shared services provided by the churches that help with housing. Now, let’s get to know such places that help with rent.

List of places that help with rent near me.

Here is the list of places that help with rent near me. For any advice, financial help, counseling, or any other help & support, the local churches that help with housing are the best option. As their funding is limited at some point they indeed help you and support you need. So, let’s get started.

places that help pay rent near me
churches that help with housing
  • Saint Vincent de Paul.

Saint Vincent de Paul is one of the great places that help with rent near me and it is the largest charity society across the world. The motto of this organization is to provide quality social service and financial help or support to low-income and needy people. This church is a non-profit organization and it has a unique or different style to assist with various things such as food, rent, clothing, transportation charge, gasoline, utilities, and medicine.

All these resources are provided to those who are living in a financial crisis. There is no obstacle from the church with the payment of rent. From all the communities people can come and get the benefits from the church. Remember, services may vary because it depends on the location. You can contact the nearest SSO to get knowledge about the provided services. If you get eligible for this church’s services then you get the help and support with the following services.

  • Transportation charges, gasoline services, and bus or car tokens are provided.
  • With support money and security rental and housing assistance. Also, foreclosure prevention is provided.
  • Household goods, clothing, school materials, home appliances, and furniture are also provided in the emergency.
  • Natural gas bills, water bills, electricity bills will also be provided with the utility charges.
  • Free meal boxes, groceries from breakfast to the last meal of the day dinner are also given.
  • In an emergency, medical support is provided for the whole week.
  • In Christmas week, luxury items are also given to low-income and needy families.

This organization drives the proactive cell which helps and supports to take care of the low-income family. If you feel any difficulty in the house then just contact the nearest SSO so they can come and provide you a quick solution.

  • Catholic charities.

It is a well-known charity that helps and supports needy people. Across the world, it has 30,000 offices and around 15 million people are getting benefits from this charity organization. They provide financial support for paying the bills, rents, food, counseling sessions, and clothes.

Food banks and food pantries are open all over the nation. Various emergency boxes, grocery boxes, and hot boxes are given to the needy people of different communities. They provide long-term support to the clients. Groceries, lunch, and dinner are given at home to those people who can’t come out of their houses such as senior citizens and disabled people. They mostly provide emergency housing assistance services. If you meet the eligibility of this charity then they will provide you with financial support. Financial support is given to you under this situation.

  • If you lack heating oil or fuel then you may ask for financial help from them.
  • If you face eviction then the security deposit is given to you so you can pay the rent.
  • For clothing, such as work, school uniform, and another uniform.
  • For the prevention, such as disconnection services like electricity and water bills.
  • And in some areas, medical bills are also given.

Local churches that help with housing.

Local churches that help with housing and also pay bills and rent to the low-income and needy people. These local churches support so many low-income families from getting homeless. There are various non-profit organizations with churches to help by assisting communities and families. So, let’s get to know the local churches that help with housing.

  • Love Inc.

Love inc works in a unique way to support needy people. Besides helping you to pay the emergency rents and bills it also provides help to repair and renovate the home for free. To get free home repairing you have to come below the poverty level and then contact feely to the love inc. Their services are unique, that’s why it is separate from other churches. The service they provide is:

Home repairs, such as repairing, plumbing, coloring, etc. this home repair service is given to senior citizens and poor people.
At Christmas, gifts are given to poor people.
From baby foods to holiday meals including free groceries are provided to needy people.
Medical expenses, transportation charges, and house rent are given to single mothers, senior citizens, and the people who need them.

  • Salvation army.

The salvation army is a well-known organization that helps families who face hardship. From bills to house rents and all the essential needs are fulfilled by this organization. The services may vary from town to town and country to country. Just contact the organization to get knowledge about their services. No matter what your income is, background, or religion, they will always come forward to help people.

  • Episcopal church.

The episcopal church is one of the popular in List of places that help with rent near me. and support you in paying the rent. Its services are available all across the country USA. They provide financial help to needy families so that they can meet their basic needs like buying clothes, paying rent, food, utility bills, and much more. Just visit its official website on the online platform to get the address of its local offices near you and get help by visiting their office.

  • Lutheran social service.

Lutheran social service is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families. It provides support financially and assists near churches for the rent. This organization is very popular amongst low-income families. It works in collaboration with other organizations and also with governments both profit and non-profit to manage the resources for needy people such as food, shelter, bill assistance, and much more. Just contact them to get help and support from this organization.


Being evicted is painful. If you face eviction then do not worry because there are various sources to get help and support. In this article, we have discussed places that help with rent near me and the churches that help with housing. Hope you have all the information you are looking for. Thanks for reading.

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