How To Sell Your iPhone For Cash in 2021

How To Sell Your iPhone For Cash in 2021

Getting a fresh iPhone is great. What is less good is that after you get your mobile phone, your old phone will sit around collecting dust, if you don’t find a means to extend its useful life. You can do this by passing your phone on to someone new. You are able to trade in or market your current or older iPhone with the assistance of several services we have found on the internet.

But how do you know which services are scams which only want to grab your hard-earned cash and which ones are legit? The answer: You can learn by reading this list!

We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff together with our up-to-date list of the 22 best places to sell your iPhone to get cold hard money.

Greatest Places to Sell Your iPhone

This list of the top places to sell your iPhone is in no particular order. We have tried to incorporate all sorts of options, from the official Apple Trade-In support to third-party resellers and even auction websites. We have got something for everybody in this list.

  • Buyback Boss

The process is simple. You go on the site, indicate the name and model number of your device, pick the condition it is in, and you’ll get a quote. If you take the quote, they’ll ship you a box and email you a label that will allow you to send the phone to their location. (Shipping price is really on them. )

Ultimately, assuming the item you shipped them is everything you guaranteed, they will deposit the money in your PayPal account or send you a check.

Places To Sell Your iPhone For Cash
Places To Sell Your iPhone For Cash

Buyback Boss is still a relatively new arrival on the tech-buying scene, but it has some great perks, such as offers that lock in for 14 days, and bulk sales for folks who have several phones to market at once. They also offer you a highest-price guarantee, so if a different website on this list offers you a better price for your phone, simply email them a screenshot and they will match it.

  • Decluttr

Decluttr works very much like Buyback Boss. It has been around a little more, but the idea is the same. You go on the website, choose the title and model of your telephone, indicate what state it is in, and either accept or refuse the deal. Should you accept, you’re sending a box along with a label for shipping. Once Decluttr receives the product and verifies its condition, you get paid!

One of those cool things about Decluttr is that they take a wide assortment of electronics. They’ll take non-Apple phones, other Apple things like iPads, and a variety of other gadgets.

  • Swappa

Swappa is very similar to the initial two services on our list, but it works somewhat differently on the backend. Rather than directly buying your used iPhone, Swappa connects you with folks looking to buy a used iPhone and functions as a middleman in the process. It adds value by verifying that your iPhone is unlocked, undamaged, and the correct model.

The addition of a different buyer can complicate the process somewhat. However, you will also find that it increases the price tag, particularly on late-model iPhones.

  • Whistle

The whistle is a promotion program that makes it possible to sell your personal electronics to a community of wholesalers that are highly educated. You can sell your old phones, Apple watches, Macbooks, cans, game consoles, and much more.

To begin with, you get an immediate offer from Whistle by choosing the device you want to sell. If you’re fine with their offer, you then receive a free shipping label or a free delivery kit. Once Whistle receives the apparatus and is able to verify the condition as explained by you, you get paid over 24 hours after they receive the device via debit card, direct deposit (ACH), gift card, or check.

The price they offer is always guaranteed, or they will return the apparatus to you at no cost.

  • BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is a telephone buying service that attempts to lure customers away from the above rivals by providing a few added bells and whistles. For example, BuyBackWorld will cover you in a wide variety of ways, including check, PayPal, direct deposit, BuyBackWorld gift cards, and Prepaid debit cards.

Significantly, BuyBackWorld does not charge phone sellers any penalties. Rather, they earn their money on the cost differential between the cellular telephones they market and also the used phones they purchase. While this might seem great at first glance, it does seem like they’ve got an incentive to decrease the price they will provide you with to pad their profit margins.

  • QuickSell

QuickSell is a website where you are able to sell your old tech. From iPhones and iPads into Apple Watches. Selling on QuickSell is very simple, you basically select the version of your device, the carrier, capacity, and requirement, and you will obtain an immediate cash deal. Once the trade-in order is placed, you will get an email confirmation describing the following steps.

The cool thing is you don’t even have to include a charger or another accessory to get a quote.

GadgetGone is a phone reseller with a twist: They just deal in iPhones. No ads, no iPods, no Android phones, and no arbitrary tech like Playstations or even smartwatches. The upshot of this is that they can focus entirely on iPhone goods and, theoretically at least, offer you the best price possible for the used iPhone.

How To Sell Your iPhone For Cash in 2021
How To Sell Your iPhone For Cash in 2021

In fact, a lot of users report that GadgetGone often beats websites like uSell and Gazelle within their initial given cost.

1 minor hiccup that we weren’t hoping for when we utilized their site was that they don’t ship a box to work with for shipping your iPhone to them. You need to supply your own. It is not a huge deal, but still annoying enough to notice.

  • OfferUp

OfferUp isn’t exactly a place to market your iPhone. It’s a place to sell nearly anything, iPhones included. The site connects you with people in your area who are looking to buy what you’re selling.

The lack of specialty, local attention, and dependence on third-party buyers causes a hit-or-miss caliber to selling an iPhone on the site. Other times, nobody will bite.

We strongly suggest that you request cash on-site since OfferUp’s built-in Stripe functionality and user fees end up costing almost 20% of the selling price.

  • eBay

We’re guessing we don’t have to clarify what eBay is (however we will anyhow ). The most popular auction website on the Internet, eBay’s existed apparently since the launch of the internet. It is popularity really took off when it succeeds with Paypal to create a really seamless online auction experience.

These days you can purchase and sell iPhones on eBay pretty easily. All the usual rules apply, so be sure that you stay current on eBay’s Terms of Service.

1 thing we would be remiss to not tell you is that items are aggressive on eBay for used iPhone sellers. And a lot of your competitors will be professional resellers who might be able to benefit from economies of scale that you won’t have access to. So bring your A-game.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist is almost as popular as eBay in some circles. It started out as a tiny classified advertisement listing site for people residing in California and has since developed to become one of the greatest buys and sell sites online.

If you market your iPhone on this website, you will need to exercise a whole lot of care. Users are invited to take cash for their apparatus and to meet buyers in person. Craigslist has limited options available to protect you from fraud or unethical practices, so be prepared to guard yourself. While most people are fair, there are a couple of dishonest operators who may try out a check scam or any malevolent strategy to distinguish you from the iPhone without paying you actual money.

  • Walmart CExchange

To use Walmart exchange, head on over to their website, choose your device from their listing, answer a few questions regarding its own condition, and wait for an offer. If you accept the offer, you can send it to Walmart using FedEx at no cost and, after the item is evaluated, you will obtain a Walmart eGift Card pretty much instantly.

You will see that this website works much like a number of those other electronics stores on this listing. But, none of the other similar sites could boast of having a brand name as well known and trusted as Walmart. You’ll definitely know you are in great hands with this reseller.

  • Glyde

Glyde is an electronics reseller that buys Apple iPhones for cash or credit towards another used device you can get out of their services. It functions virtually identically to the other electronics resellers on this list. But, there is a major change coming down the pipe which will set Glyde beside another reseller.

Glyde is becoming the first partner of this TessaB Ecosystem, which will introduce wise contracts, mobile diagnostics, and digital assets to their online market. This invention promises to make it simpler, simpler, and quicker to purchase or sell a used iPhone using all the Glyde service.

  • Amazon

While nearly everybody knows you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, many do not understand about its Trade-In Store that lets you send your entire gently used iPhone.

Though the Trade-In store functions as the other electronics stores on this listing, there is a great little touch when it comes to how to deal with scenarios where you and Amazon disagree about the condition of your apparatus. Should you send Amazon your favorite iPhone and they state that its condition doesn’t match exactly what you reported, you can select, in advance, what Amazon should do: send it back (at no charge to you) or supply you with an alternative cost.

  • Apple (Trade-In)

If you would rather bypass dealing with a third-party business and remain in the Apple ecosystem, then Apple will ease an iPhone trade-in directly. Assuming your device is in good shape, and assuming that you want a new iPhone or an Apple Gift Card, then you can use the Apple Trade-In service.

Apple offers pretty fantastic trade-in worth for a lot of their newer models of phones, so this may be a terrific solution for those that are continually updating to the newest model phone each year.

  • Best Buy (Trade-In)

The greatest Purchase Trade-In service works very similarly to Apple’s. You simply log into their website, answer a few questions regarding your own device, and receive a free quote. Best Buy will provide you around $600 from eGift Cards to your gently used iPhone.

Best Buy Trade-In can be a fantastic option for people that are looking to unlock the most value in their telephone and want to trade it for something outside the Apple ecosystem (which isn’t an option with Apple Trade-In).

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