Places to Write Reviews for Money

How To Write Paid Reviews

But reviews aren’t just for other consumers. Companies take your comments seriously and use customer feedback to enhance their merchandise. Some may even pay their customers to leave candid feedback about their products, but some provide free product samples in exchange for reviews.

If you want to make a few added dollars writing reviews for money, this can be a fantastic means to do it.

10 Places to Write Reviews for Money

It can be difficult to convince a business to pay you for reviews. Most companies who elect to do this generally work through an intermediary. There are loads of sites and services that you could sign up for if you want to get paid to write reviews.

1. LifePoints

LifePoints is a site that pays users to complete surveys. A few of these surveys are going to be regarding the products that you have bought. Others will probably be about more general subjects.

For each survey that you complete, you will earn LifePoints. Some polls will ask you for demographic information and might disqualify you if enough answers from the demographic have been obtained. If this happens, you’ll still get a few LifePoints for your own time.

Usually, longer polls will provide more LifePoints.

You can redeem LifePoints for rewards. Redemption options include gift cards, charitable donations, and cash deposits to a PayPal account.

2. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is another survey-taking site that pays you to share your opinions with firms. The site has paid more than $30 million to its 7 million members.

How To Write Paid Reviews
How To Write Paid Reviews

Each survey you take rewards you with points. You can redeem points for cash through PayPal, sweepstakes entries, or charitable donations, letting you choose how you want to get rewarded.

3. Start a Review Website

If you don’t want to manage another site’s requirements for paid-for testimonials, consider starting your own review blog. Even though it can be difficult, especially in the beginning, it’s a good strategy for earning money writing testimonials.

Websites such as Wirecutter have become get millions of subscribers each month due to their high-quality testimonials. Having a review website, you can earn money with advertising or simply by working with a service such as Amazon Affiliates which allows you to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase according to your inspection.

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4. UserTesting

UserTesting connects tech companies to regular men and women who want to help them examine their websites and programs.

Companies provide you with a link to their site or program and a set of tasks they’d like you to accomplish. An online merchant, by way of instance, might ask you to go through the process of buying a shirt.

To begin an assignment, you will need a mike. As you’re going through your endeavors, UserTesting will record your display and anything you say. You should speak your ideas clearly and out loud so the people reviewing your records will understand your thought process and update the website accordingly.

You will be compensated $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute recording you finish.

5. Review Stream

At Review Stream, you are paid based on what other customers consider your reviews. This means that it pays to be completely candid and to supply as much detail as you can.

It is possible to review virtually anything on the website — products, movies, and novels are fair game. If Review Stream takes your submitted inspection, you’ll earn a small payment. Once your review is posted, other users may vote on if the inspection is useful or not. You’ll get ten cents per useful vote which you receive. You can even make ten cents for every response you supply to other consumers’ questions.

The minimum balance to cash out varies based on how far you really made for the first review you sold in each payment cycle. The minimum will be ten times the value of the first review you offered, using a minimum of 100. So, if your first evaluation sold for $2 or $10, the minimum is $100. If it sold for $16, the minimum is $160.

6. YouTube BrandConnect

YouTube BrandConnect is an invite-only service that joins YouTube founders to brands that are looking to reveal their products to a larger audience.

This service is comparatively hands-off, connecting you to firms to pitch, but you get to decide how you wish to include merchandise and you’ll be able to set your own prices. As soon as you sign up for the ceremony, you will have the ability to observe each the patrons looking to utilize YouTubers. The site advertises nearly 500 companies that pay people to promote their products and services.

In exchange for connecting you with brands, YouTube BrandConnect requires a 10% service charge. There are no sign-up or other fees, so you simply pay the fees when you get paid. YouTube BrandConnect pays through PayPal or check.

7. Influence Central

Influence Central is another website that connects influencers to manufacturers who wish to showcase their products to customers. You’ll get paid to write reviews and place them directly on your blog, site, or societal networking accounts.

The cover for every review fluctuates. Some companies will pay you more than others, but this is sometimes a good way to leverage your influence and provide honest testimonials to your followers.

8. Tryazon

If you would like to get paid to test products, Tryazon is your site for you. Once you enroll, you’ll have the ability to see a list of accessible TryaBox and Party chances.

Places to Write Reviews for Money
Places to Write Reviews for Money

For a TryaBox chance, a company will send you one product or item for you to test. If you submit an application for a Party and Tryazon chooses your program, the company is going to send a box full of products, party favors, and the like, free of charge. It’s possible to host a celebration with friends, family members, and coworkers and everybody gets the opportunity to try out the item.

Once you’re done, your free to talk about your comments with the producer, an article about the celebration on your site or societal websites, and inform your friends about what exactly you tried.

9. Write Reviews for Customers

To find potential clients, you can do an online search for sites that focus on product and service reviews. Then, pitch your review writing services to them straight. You will need to have a portfolio and a driveway to pitch multiple customers before landing your first gig. Be certain that your last submissions to clients are amazing because it might lead to continuous work composing more reviews in the future.

Can You Get Paid to Write Reviews for Google and Amazon?

Google and Amazon are two of the most reliable websites online when it comes to reviews. That means that firms are willing to do a lot to be certain their Amazon and Google testimonials are great.

But, although providing compensation for a critique is permitted, providing compensation with the requirement that you leave a fantastic review violates both websites’ Terms of Service. So if this kind of opportunity is presented to you, make sure you think about whether you should take it.

For instance, the local pizza store is welcome to supply you with a free slice once you reveal that you simply left a review, but it can’t require that you leave a five-star review on Google. It has to extend the deal to anybody who leaves a review.

3 Ideas to Make the Most with Paid Reviews

The simple truth is that you will not create a massive quantity of money for writing reviews, but it can be a fantastic way to add some excess cash to your wallet. Here are the top ways to earn money writing testimonials.

Turn some of your spare time into productive time by writing testimonials. If you commute by train or bus, write a review or two on each excursion. After work, instead of focusing on a Netflix show you’ve seen a dozen times, put it on in the background while you write a review.

Since many reviews are short and easy to write, they’re a terrific way to fill small chunks of time.

Inspect things you already use.
You are most comfortable with goods that you use on a regular basis, so begin by reviewing those products. Your familiarity with them, especially if you’re a long-term user of a specific product, will help you produce high-quality reviews that other consumers can use.

Compose high-quality reviews.
To ensure that your reviews are approved by the company paying you and valued by other consumers, take the time to generate the reviews as good as they can be. This means checking your spelling and grammar, including photos, and providing specific details about each product.

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